Ion Beam Services (IBS) is an independent company providing ion implantation products and services
Country United Kingdom
Distance 175 Miles

Ion Beam Services

The total ion implantation solution!

Ion Beam Services (IBS) is an independent company providing ion implantation products and services. When you contact IBS, you can:

Rely on our Technical Competence

At IBS we master each step of ion implant activity. Our vertical competence ranges from the implantation of your substrate, to providing a customized ion implanter, to providing the state of the art Pulsion implant system. This means that for any required service, we master all the required steps. When we sell consumables or propose maintenance services, our expertise is proven as we are using those services internally for our implant services offering. When we sell upgrades and retrofits, we know the impact and benefits on the equipment. When we sell cleaning and refurbishment services, we first measure and prove the quality and value of the service on our own equipment.

Trust our Experience

IBS has been in business and profitable for more than 20 years. During these years, IBS became a reliable partner not only for the leading European companies of the semiconductor industry but also the European Research Labs. Our 20 years of experience contribute to establish the IBS reputation in ion implant to validate the position of IBS as an expert in ion implant.

Count on our Expertise

Our highly competent staff, composed of 70% university graduates, 10% of which are PhDs) is at your service to assist you in meeting your implant requirements. Our engineering staff continues to publish papers and articles with their latest progress and stay at the top of the latest scientific progress. This expertise is at your service: as you investigate the best technical solutions to chose, our engineers are available to consult with you at each stage of your process and help analyze and select the best solution.

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Country United Kingdom
Distance 175 Miles
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