Helix Technologies is designing and manufacturing the next generation of compact telecommunications and GNSS antennas for M2M, IoT, autonomous vehicles and drone-delivery platforms.
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The safety-critical role of V2X/DSRC (Dedicated Short Range Communications) in future “driver assist” and “autonomous vehicle” systems requires particular attention to “real-world” channel/propagation characteristics. These systems must be engineered to operate robustly in the presence of many compromising factors.


Helix Technologies’ V2X DSRC/802.11P antennas store resonance energy within the dielectric core of the antenna and as such have extremely stable field distributions in the presence of objects in the close environment – and therefore excellent “use-scenario” reliability. This architecture, which can be either linearly or circularly polarised, provides significant system advantages such as:


  • Tight integration into sub-assemblies. It can be part of a turn-key modular solution to be used in different packaging environments (e.g. head-light or wing-mirror assemblies).
  • Balanced antenna: rejects common mode noise from the car chassis. Improved data fidelity.
  • Sharp frequency response – rejection of adjacent channel signals and wide-band noise.
  • Electrically small antenna (typically 6mm diameter × 9mm long) readily integrated into arrays.
  • DC short-circuit – no damage to V2X modems from static electricity.
    Can be installed over a ground-plane or without a ground-plane: no change of resonance frequency.


For more information on our DSRC/802.11p V2X Antenna please get in touch with us.

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Country United Kingdom
Region/UK Country England
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